5.1 to Binaural without buying a plugin

Is there a way to render a 5.1 mix to 2.0 binaural using plugins included in Nuendo 11?
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Use a send from the 5.1 mix bus to a stereo bus. Then export stereo from the mixdown dialogue window. Quickest way really…no need of plugins. Or you can use mixconvert…though I dont go that route.

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That’s just stereo though, not a binaural version of a surround mix.

Thanks for your answer, but this way creates only a stereo, but do not “Binauralizes” the channels.

It is not what the OP was actually asking for, but there are several free- and shareware Binauralizers available on the web, e.g. in the SPARTA- Compass- and IEM plug-in collections:

→ IEM Plug-in Descriptions

… most of them rely on Ambisonics input formats, so there might be additional steps necessary to encode 5.1 to HAO first.

And a wild idea: You could get the free DearVR Micro and pan your individual 5.1 (or better: 5.0) tracks as sources in a binaural mix one-by-one :sunglasses: …:

dearVR MICRO - Dear Reality


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Thanks Dietz.
I’ll try your “wild idea”.

And if you upgrade to 12 there’ll be Dolby’s encoder, no?

I’ve seen the Nuendo 12 key note, they speak about Binaural monitor, but i’m not sure if it would be renderized.
Wait and see.

My take on this: It will be possible to bounce the binauralized 7.1.4.

Just route the bus with the Dolby Renderer (set to Binaural) to a Stereo-Out and do a profane Export-Audio.

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Thanks Juergi,
It seems the right way, but I cannot find “set to Binaural” into dolby renderer. It seems this option will be available with Nuendo12.
May be I must wait…

Yep. All have to wait - perhaps except the Beta testers and insiders. :wink:

Hi @Buyaicia,

if you want to go from 5.1 to 2.0 binaural with out-of-the-box tools in Nuendo 11, you will have to go through an Ambisonics bus. For example, if you route 5.1HOA3Stereo Out, the HOA3 bus will by default use the VST AmbiDecoder in the panner slot, which will decode the Ambisonics signal to binaural stereo.

As already suggested by @Dietz, you could also use third party plugins to achieve this.

br, Lennart