5.5.3 "Cubase has stopped working" on startup Windows7

5.5.3 32bit “Cubase has stopped working” on startup of Cubase.
Windows7 64bit
RME Fireface 400

it was working fine this morning. but now i click to open cubase, and when it’s starting up and you can see the text of what exactly it’s supposedly loading… when it says ‘Globals Settings’ (and once i saw it get past there) the popup comes up and says “Cubase has stopped working”. you click it’s button (it says ‘close program’).

so i reinstalled the latest update (5.5.3). and i updated firmware and drivers for RME Fireface. NO LUCK.

i can restart the computer a million times, etc… doesn’t matter… Cubase simply WON’T start up.

Anyone know what to do?!? : )

thanks so much!

i’ve now done a ‘system restore’ which took me back about a week… and cubase still won’t start. it dies on the takeoff. never even opens. wtf???


: )




Have you tried opening a proper support request through your MySteinberg account?

These forums are user helping user, not official Steinberg support.

Trashing your preferences might be a starting point.

Are you sure you haven’t changed anything system related? Updated video card driver? Anything?

Maybe try installing the latest eLicenser software and running maintenance?

can you please write out in a little more detail how to perform your suggestions above?

i’ve tried a good bit of system things… including updating other drivers, doing a system restore to before the problem started, and anything else i could think of… nothing is helping. it could turn out being some really simple thing…

where do i trash my preferences?

i know i sound a bit frantic but this happened in the middle of the most productive musical period in years and in the middle of a dealine to boot. hahahaha auuurgh. of course!

so yes, people PLEASE MAKE SUGGESTIONS AND BE SPECIFIC ABOUT HOW TO DO THEM. i’ve worked with computers for a long time but it’s hard to know what people are describing. : )

and where do i fill out a support request from steinberg?!

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SPLIT!!! great wealth of knowledge in there!!! you’re awesome. (you probably already know that)

thanks for this!

Thank the guys that compiled the list :stuck_out_tongue:


TRASH YOUR CUBASE PREFERENCES! (Initialising Preferences)
*get rid of your preferences and have cubase build new ones"

this i heard on a few forums but i wasn’t sure how to do it so here is how you do it in Windows 7:


In the link above, go down to “2. Initialising Preferences” and read the instructions.

the direct path on your computer should be
"C:\Users*YOUR ACCOUNT\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg"*

YOUR ACCOUNT will be whatever your logon user name is so you cannot just cut and paste the above address.
start in your C: drive and make your way through these levels.
Notice this is NOT the same Steinberg folder you’ll find in the Programs folders.
When you get there in the 'Steinberg" folder there will be a folder called “Cubase 5”. THIS is the preferences folder.
The folder is NOT called Preferences. it’s called “Cubase 5”.
take this folder and copy it somewhere else, for example: your desktop, or just change the name of the folder to something like “Cubase 5 old prefs” or as suggested by steinberg “Cubase Hidden”. (the name doesn’t actually matter.)

When you start up Cubase next it will take a while. Cubase will create the “Cubase 5” folder again right where it was before and start loading in files. it will take a while and in my case Cubase crashed a few times during it, but i just kept re-starting cubase until it got through all the preferences. After that it started up smooth and had no problems but the whole process took some time.

*i also went to the Plugins folder and took out some of the problematic plugins (i’d collected some random crap from the internet) that got messages on this startup and that were being loaded when it crashed. This only turned out being two or three different plugins though.

*It has also been suggested that once you get your preferences back how you like them (set them in Cubase) you should COPY that folder (the “cubase 5” folder we’ve been talking about) somewhere so that if this problem returns, you’ll have a un-corrupted copy to replace it.

*i also updated the eLicenser Control Center

THANK YOU everyone who helped.