Well, sometimes I like to have - and do have - everything in one project. Sometimes this makes sence for me. And I never had a problem here. And NO kind of trouble. The one project I was talking about - 80 min, 560 tracks/groups was the most solid project I ever worked with, I do not know why but I never had a crash.

@ Woodcrest: Sorry for the late response - I was busy:

I work in a similar fashion, but when it comes to mix stage, I print all the edits and separate the songs into their own separate projects with only the used audio in the pool. I used to work your way for full albums (all in one project) but I found the program got sluggish and the work I do, the songs are supposed to sound different from track to track. All demo work still uses a single project because time and production depth is limited.

100% same workflow here!

@ others:

I do not know why this is from any importance - but just to answer: I never wrote that I keep all edits in the prijects during the mix. And I never wrote that I ALWAYS have all songs in one project. It can happen. And I keep the edits till the end, in seperate projects in seperate folders. I work in session-copys - when I am done with recording/editing I allways spend some time to set up the mixes - here I bounce everything and empty the trash after that. Because while I might love big projects I prefer a clean and organized structure. Often I split into seperate projects when the mix is set up - it all depends. If the songs are different I have seperate projects from the beginning. Actually the current 3 album mixes are in seperate projects. I would say - it all depends!!

Punkrockdemo: All in one project. Some kind of simple metal, even when riffing is complex: Drums in seperate projects - because Nuendo slows down when having more than 666 edits per track - when done I continue often in one big project. When all songs are only drums, bass, 2x guitar plus vox - why not. It is easy and fast that way. Doing a change in guitar sound in a more final mixing stage: One second - affects all songs. yea, this is what I need. I did about 150 records in the past 10 years, I would say I can handle it without user errors…

Well, when we are here - Nuendo is not the best example regarding features for transfering setting between projects. There are a couple of ways to do that, trackexport, mixersettings etc - I know I know - but lets say I need settings from another song - I have to close the current song, open the other song (can use some time) safe settings, close, re-open, load settings. 10 min… I would like to just select an Npr and extract some settings from there, like when importing a track archive - here I can choose the tracks I need. And regarding the track archives - I hate to delete audio before exporting track-archives. Why not implementing a feature which enables us to export those archives WITHOUT any linked audio? Would be cool even for generating project templates…

Well, basically we are here to discuss Nuendo issues. I posted something regarding the tempotrack issue in another thread. Please read here: