Wow - beside some issues with the new Lanes concept when having more complex scenarios than just some cycle mode takes (even with the newest, quite “ok” version) I was not aware that group editing added / fixed a lot of things which were bugging me since years. Without that video I would have never stepped over that because I just avoid doing it in certain ways because it was not working.

For example:

the on top thing via the pulldown menue with selecting a certain take. Before it only affected one event - useless when having 20 track-drums. So I was never really be able to have benefit from powerfull cycle mode options in multitrack scenarios.

Same with Lane style regarding mulitracks - Lanes were only usable in single track context. Well, I think a lot of edits are still not cool in multitrack style, but at least some kind of comping techniques can be done in new Lanes.

Only problem: I tried it yesterday with a full 7 minutes song which was made with about 150 drumtakes… I switched the kicktrack to lanes and then I had about 80 lanes because during the song a lot of overlaps happened and stuff, here I was not able to do any editing so I switched back to regular style.

Stuff like this was the weakest point in the 5.5 (cubase 6) enhancements - they look great in those “simple scenario” vidos “just click on it” - but when messing with hundrets of takes and working through complex, progressive songs with all kinds of multitrack stuff - not only drums are multitrack in a real situation - for example guitar - DI plus 3 mics … acustic instruments… 2 close mics and a stereo room mic for example…

Hi There,

First of all, have you got the Reason 6.2 update?

Second of all, have you disabled the “release driver in background” option in the devices menu (I had problems with rewire on m 32 bit system before an this cleared it up)



There’s a lot to like about the latest (5.5.3) implementation of lanes and group editing. After the drawbacks in 5.5/Cubase 6 I feel I can work with it and get used to it. The main thing I would change now is the graphic representation of overlapping clips - the old way with a darker appearance for the overlap was MUCH better than the cross-hatching, which NOBODY seems to like…

I hear what you’re saying about multiple tracks, multiple takes, high track counts… I guess in that situation it’s always going to be fiddly to use in any DAW - the track sizes get tiny, screens are too small…

Hey guys!

I think we found and fixed the Nuendo + BaseHead 3.x PC crash tonight.

  1. Do a “Check for updates” on the about screen in BaseHead to update to 3.2

  2. Go to your install directory and you’ll see a new SKI folder exists now with the new SKI components.
    Move those to the proper places to replace your old one with Nuendo closed and you should be good.

If not, email me thru the contact form on our website



So - after a while in N5.5.3 - It is a good update - feature wise - but full of bugs and malefunctions.

I am back to Cubase.

Such as?

There are six pages of issues in the version history document. You can start there I guess.

in addition you can read some of my recent posts - even when they are written not THAT polite… For me it might be fine if there are 1000 small issues - when I have workarounds, when these issues are affecting rarely-used-features… in the same time 1 or 2 bigger issues can be enough to render an application useless.

In the past: Nuendo 2 - clicking crossfades. What gives the best application on earth when every crossfade is generating a POPP…?

No software is perfect. I have had a look at some of the issues you’ve mentioned but I must have a different workflow/different method of using the software as I’m having trouble reproducing the issues.

If you’re dealing with 1000s of events have you tried consolidating the files? The main DAWs I use all exhibit slowdown when dealing with 1000s of regions/events/clips.

No, I don’t see why I should consolidate - in the end maybe after backups - but while editing?

The session runs much better after the edits are printed. Remove unused audio and empty the trash too. Nuendo isn’t an audio barge, it is more a race car. There is no performance gains to towing a trailer of edits and unused audio files. Try it once and you will see the benefits. Print your variaidio too.


Hey, Brandy
There are a few methods with which you can overcome this problem.
But if you insist on working with a huge sack of (event) flees you can’t be helped.
:frowning: and :wink:

Happy fraggin’…lol…

Btw, like likelystory I don’t have most of the problems which are haunting some users over the Nuendo versions.
Must be either workflow or setup … idk… Probs like this autosafe thing or what you describe I lukely escaped, so far. One thing I always obeyed: keep all unnecessary Scheiß off the studio PCs and NO internet connection.
I might add: be reasonable with track counts and project sizes ( you know, …coming from 24 track MTRs and 6 Aux consoles …)

Big K

well, why trimming projects down like 10 years ago with 9GB harddisk and 350 MHZ CPU?

When I have high performance even with 500 track projects in older versions of Nuendo or Cubase? Where is the sence when newer versions are slooooow? Why are they not similar or even faster? I can not get it.

Hi Brandy,

can I hear a production from you over INet? I’ve self produced a CD for a normal Rockband but I never touch the 100 track limit. If the track was played bad, then the musican played again (never used the comp-tool).

Why the hell you need 500(!) tracks??? It’s only for my interest … :wink:

That 500 track monster is not online ITM, contracts are in the signing-process… I will post the teaser here as soon as it is available.

Here is something recent:

But not more than 100 tracks here.

Something made in Nuendo V1 - without performance problems or slow GUI :slight_smile:


Thanx Brandy, I’ll listen it. But my thought was, as I read your post, either you have the wrong workstyle to mix or you have only bad musicans :mrgreen:

I listened to your production Brandy. Nearly fried my speakers and I got closed to a heart attack.
Oh my god, is it what we call white noise ? :laughing:
(only joking guys, only joking…).

Well, that Album above is just receiving 5/5 reviewes, deathmetal album of the year etc… The second one is the most backed of deathmetal album I know, mastered by Bob Katz 2004 and it was on of the most respected albums after 2000 and it changed deathmetal quite a bit.

Great for you Brandy !

I always tease my fellow metal producers or musos since it’s one of the music style I can’t really understand !
Always thought it was something about genetics ! I should’ve said White’s noise ! :smiley:

More seriously, I reckon you’re hitting the limit of what the system’s capable off with many edits and comping.
Have you tried freezing the track so you can later unfreeze it for further edits ? Not excusing the bugs, just trying to find you a workaround.

Be well Brandy !

Hi Brandy,

he, he … very hard stuff :wink: , but no problem for my ears, because, I self have played this style of music 12 years long (as Bassplayer). I have end this style of music not because of music, more because the around it. Every gig I need new strings, tons of plectrums, too much beer, too much cigaretts, short sleep and the girls on metal gigs are to rough for my sensible soul :mrgreen:

… and because the songs, hm … drums let’s say 12 tracks, hear only one vocals (no choir) … ok with overdubs lets say 10 tracks, make 22 tracks and then the guitar tracks. I know, there could be more in a metal song, left, right, double, sologuitar … all in all, I would say, no more as 50 – 60 tracks overall. So let’s say your new project have same team and a orchestra style in the song (guess), then I think, no more as 200 tracks. But ok, I don’t know your production style and your statement: faster computer must be better is only partially correct. You know yourself … better computer produce better plugins with more recources hungry and so on. Same as in the game industry. Better computers and graphic cards produce better graphic, bigger worlds, better KI and the people still want more and more :unamused: