5.5.4 PPMulator resets on play?

Hey there,

I just noticed - when I press stop and press play again, my ppmulator integrated value so far is reset. This wasn’t the case so far and used to be better for my workflow -> get a ballpark while editing / mixing using the whole process and then reset for a full replay.

Anybody else experiencing this? Any way to change it?

Cheers and best,

I don’t have it in front of me. But it is in the preferences, I am sure.

Something to do with the pause symbol on the main display, I can’t remember. But it can be done.

Thanks, but I thought that only changes if it actually pauses measuring when I am not in playback (editing etc) and when I press play then picks up from the previous results? The alternative would be constant measuring, meaning a short coffee break weighs in as silence.
Unless sth has changed the settings without me touching?
I’ll double check again but it seems to be sth else here.

I’ll check later today - just as soon as I get the current job out…
What mode/scale are you using please? Am guessing the EBU R128 from the description

Okay, I am not sure if I am getting a reset here or not.
Pressing STOP leaves the integrated value on display in the plugin, and pressing PLAY again momentarily drops it down to infinity but it returns almost instantly to where it was before.

I’m not sure what you seem to expect from this plugin, as it’s best used as an overall measurement for LUFS values, meaning you need the whole track for a proper reading. It’s not a momentary thing as I understand it.

Thanks Neil, thats what I meant.
What if you press play, let it run and then stop, then jump to a piece of silence/low level and aee if it hardly changes or gives a completely new integrated value.

I know I have to check R128 in the final mix anyway, but so far I have had the luck of nailing the spec within 1dB at most (found a good calibration level for myself I guess) and it was good to see a ballpark measure after the first mix pass. That seems “brolen” now, the Steinberg meter does what ppm seems to have lost though. Still, having paid for ppm and knowing how well it used to work makes me look into this :wink:

Thanks for chiming in!!