5.5 update is just 5.0 with a bunch of downloads and waiting

To potential 5.5 upgraders, don’t expect to be productive with Nuendo 5.x out of the box. The current 5.5 upgrade being sold is really 5.0 (which doesn’t even run on OSX 10.7). Once you install 5.0 Steinberg expects you to search for the files you expect to be on the discs. You will find you need a bunch of downloads and a new set of activation codes for 5.5 and the NEK, if you use that.

Activation codes do not auto-magically apear in your MySteinberg account. I have sent a support email, waiting to hear something.

This despite the fact the Steinberg sells this as a 5.5 upgrade. It is a major pain in the back-side to get 5.5 working.

5.0 is 32 bit and hangs when scanning some included VST plugins. I waited for full 64 bit support and a few turns on update counter hoping to avoid this exact situation, having been through it before on 4.x, 3.x and 2.x.

Starting to understand why ProTools is so popular.


I honestly don’t know what the problem is here. You don’t have to pay for Nuendo 5.5
extra, but you get all Cubase 6 features for free. Nuendo 5.5 is based on new rewritten
code, therefore a new installation is necessary. The problems you described should be
analysed, I agree.

Thousands of downloads of Nuendo 5.5 happened already. I don’t think one can call
this massive update BS.


I’m with Timo on this one. 5.5 is a massive upgrade and it was free.

Hmmm, that must be because it’s 32 bit only then? :laughing:

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