5/8 <> 6/8

Hello, when I change a 5/8 bar to 6/8 the worm thing in the picture is displayed… how can I change that?
I had this some times before and with deleting and inserting the bar I can solve that, but thats very annoying when there are a lot of notes in it… is this a bug ?
Thanx for help.

Hm… I cannot upload the picture?


the picture shows two 8-rests and one dotted 4-rest which means five 8-notes in a bar with a 6/8 signature…

If you’re changing the time signature to one that requires extra beats, you need to have Insert mode activated (press I). This tells Dorico to add extra beats at the end of the affected region.

Ah, ok thank you … a bit strange :slight_smile: