5-line percussion staff layout selected, but only single line staff appears

Hi all

I have defined a percussion kit :

And in Layout Options I have set that player to display as 5-line staff:

However, this is the result:

Why is the layout showing a single line staff, and using ledger lines to display notes? I am trying to get it to display as a 5-line staff. Please advise, thank you

Can you upload your project for someone to check?

TEMP forum upload.dorico (1.5 MB)

Yes, here it is

Yes that’s weird… No matter how I change it, the 5-line-staff presentation shows up as one line with ledger lines for this kit. :person_shrugging:

Has @seaquin added the ability to have single line staves for another project?

sorry I don’t understand what you mean?

Some folks have customized their Dorico implementation to allow/create staves with fewer than five lines to use with pitched instruments in particular situations.

From your response, I figure you have not.

I think that is in fact the problem, though I don’t know how you have managed to do it. If you remove all the existing components from the kit (with Remove All Instruments From Kit), then delete the (empty) kit, then create a new kit (with Combine Instruments Into Kit) then it all starts working.

Thanks, that worked – not sure how the problem arose in the first place

Hello. I stumbled with this problem today. while setting up a brand new project in Dorico for iPad.
I’ve used the Concert Band to create this project, but then I deleted every instrument and created an ensemble of my own with the ensemble builder. For the percussion, I used the “Percussion” instrument, which created a “Percussion” kit with a tom-tom instrument in it.
Here’s the project
Deforestação.dorico (974.8 KB)

I think if you start the percussion kit from a single-line instrument, this can happen. In “big” Dorico on the desktop you will soon be able to change the number of staff lines used for a percussion kit when the 5-line staff presentation type is specified, so you’ll be able to resolve this that way shortly, but in the meantime you’ll need to employ the solution suggested by Richard earlier in this thread.

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Thanks Daniel. I didn’t know you already knew how to reproduce this bug, that’s why I posted this.

Dear all, for me the solution by Richard is not working. I tried this several times but it is still not a 5-line system on my iPad. How can I solve this? Thank you already!

Welcome to the forum, @jensdpauw. Can you attach the project here so we can take a look and see what might be going on?

This is the project. Also the sound of the bass guitar or the cowbell changes to something else and i do not understand why this is.
Thanks for the response!

Rude.dorico (1,1 MB)

Thanks – indeed, this project has the same problem described above, namely that because you started your kit from a single-line percussion instrument, it thinks it should only show a single line when you use the “five-line staff” presentation type. Here’s a fixed version.

Rude.dorico (3.1 MB)

I just experienced this issue, but am hesitant to employ the solution of first deleting the existing kit because I fear it will delete all the associated notes and notations (this is a nearly finished score). Is there a method that allows me to copy or save the existing content of the kit before creating the new one, or can I create the new one first and copy the content in the Write mode?

You may well simply be able to go to Library > Instruments and change the number of staff lines to 5 for your kit instrument. If you have any problems doing it, feel free to send me the project.

Not seeing an Instruments selection in the Library menu. Is that something added in 5? I’m using 4.

Yes, that’s new in Dorico 5. There’s a 25% discount on updating to Dorico 5 right now, so it’s a good time to consider stepping up to the new version, but if that’s something you’re not ready to do, you can send me the project and I can fix it up for you.