5-line percussion staff layout selected, but only single line staff appears

Hi all

I have defined a percussion kit :

And in Layout Options I have set that player to display as 5-line staff:

However, this is the result:

Why is the layout showing a single line staff, and using ledger lines to display notes? I am trying to get it to display as a 5-line staff. Please advise, thank you

Can you upload your project for someone to check?

TEMP forum upload.dorico (1.5 MB)

Yes, here it is

Yes that’s weird… No matter how I change it, the 5-line-staff presentation shows up as one line with ledger lines for this kit. :person_shrugging:

Has @seaquin added the ability to have single line staves for another project?

sorry I don’t understand what you mean?

Some folks have customized their Dorico implementation to allow/create staves with fewer than five lines to use with pitched instruments in particular situations.

From your response, I figure you have not.

I think that is in fact the problem, though I don’t know how you have managed to do it. If you remove all the existing components from the kit (with Remove All Instruments From Kit), then delete the (empty) kit, then create a new kit (with Combine Instruments Into Kit) then it all starts working.

Thanks, that worked – not sure how the problem arose in the first place