5 mediabay issues

I’m having a few issues with mediabay.

  1. Occasionally it will only preview the second quarter of a loop

  2. Occasionally it won’t see any samples at the location I know they are at

  3. Occasionally it won’t play the preview for any samples

Restarting Cubase fixes these issues. It’s not a major issue as they are relatively infrequent, but I wonder if anyone else is experiencing them?

  1. New samples aren’t automatically scanned. I always have to navigate to the new folder and select ‘rescan disk’. Is this correct functionality? Other DAWs I use automatically scan for new media.

  2. If I rename a sample in Windows Explorer Mediabay can no longer play it. Rescanning doesn’t resolve this problem, with the old name being ‘stuck’ in its database. Strangely this doesn’t happen for every sample, but it does for most. My only workaround at the moment is to move the sample to a new location which Mediabay then scans correctly.

For #4 you can change a setting in Preferences that sets up automatic scanning.

Do you mean the “only scan folders only when mediabay is open” setting?

If so, then I already have that disabled, and it makes no difference. It doesn’t auto-scan even if I have mediabay open either though.

My bad. I thought that meant it automatically scanned - I was sure I’d seen somewhere that it looked for changes and updated. But, looking at the manual, page 522, it seems you have to rescan or refresh if you have made changes.