5 projects into 1?

Hi, I have 5 different versions of a song and would like to open a new empty project and place the tracks I require from each project onto the new project, tried opening 2 projects and dragging tracks across but no luck…is this actually possible? I know I could convert everything to wav and that would work but would like to bring the whole instrument tracks with the midi…etc…so I can make adjustments where necessary.

thanks in advance for any help…Kevin

This sounds like a job for Track Archives. (Manual P. 696)

thanks, I’ll look into it…I did look at the manual but never thought to look for track archiving…Kevin

It was not a rtm post… Track Archives are under-recognized for what they do.

If you drag the events on a track to a new project, it will create the track in the new project.

Hi, yeah but I want to bring in the instrument that is on the track also, just dragging the event doesn’t bring the instrument with it…the advice from steveinchigago worked great so I thank him for the advice and thank you to you for looking in…Kevin

If you drag the events and slip them, where there is no track (underneath you tracks - empty space) it will create exact the same track there.

your right it does…but everytime i do it cubase stops working…damn!! such a good piece of advice…but I can’t use it for whatever reason… :confused: