5 questions about using cubase 11

Dear forum. I have cubase for a while but use cubase 11 it as my main daw since a couple weekd. here are some issues i struggle with:

  1. Limit midi data input from external keyboard
    I use komplete kontrol s49 MK1 as my main midi controller. The keyboard has play/stop/record buttons, that work with cubase. But when I press record somehow cubase records some random B5 and A5 Midi notes, I guess comming from these buttons (play/stopp etc…). How can I avoid this? For example not allowing midi notes about C5 or so?

  2. how can I temporarly “render” an instrument track so that it does take less cpu power?

  3. Inside the midi notes editor window: How can I use the mouse to select multiple notes in order to set change the velocity for a couple selected notes in one step?

  4. Groove Agent: while looking for samples in the browser, I wish the selected samples would autoplay, so that you can pre listen them

  5. In some youtube tutorial I see instructors having colored midi notes in the midi note window. How did they do that?

thank you very nuch and best regards


  1. Setup the Mackie correctly. Make sure, it’s not part of All MIDI Inputs

  2. Freeze.

  3. Shift + click it lasso selection.

  4. I don’t know.

  5. You can choose different color setups in the Key Editor from the toolbar > Colors.

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  1. After selecting your notes with the lasso hit CTRL+ Enter to apply velocity change to all selected notes.


If you want to set them all to the same value, then use the Ctrl/Cmd+Enter. If you want to change then relatively, hit just Enter.

Hi all and BIG BIG Tanks for the help

  1. The problem with the high notes is solved not but there are still some strange things happening while using Komplet Kontrol s49 Mk1 with Cubase. It look like there are some hidding midi data transmitted, that change the settings of the played synth together with the regular midi notes I play, I will have a more detailed look to this and otherwise contact the cubase support

  2. works, THANKS

  3. sorry for the stupid question: but where can I find the Lasso??

  4. Anyone here with good knowledge of GrooveAgent?

  5. works THANK



  1. Please, double-check all Remote Devices (including Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls). Make sure, they are not using Kontrol s49 as the MIDI Input.

  2. It’s like in the MS Office or any other application. Just click the left-mouse, keep the button down and move the cursor. This will make the “range”/lasso selection.

  3. You can definitely to do so in MediaBay.

Hi there.

  1. the issue is: when I pay an vst instrument inside Cubase with Komplete Kontrol > all good. When I then press record and I do record my performance, as soon as I press record on the keyboard, the played vst instrument hast some changes in its settings. Tested with multiple instruments.

  2. Ah, good. I understand what you mean with “lasso”. But maybe I am too stupid, it does not work to proceed as you guys worte me when I am inside the midi note editor.

cheers guys

For mass velocity rescaling, you can also select all events (any way you want), then while keeping Ctrl+Shift down, you click and drag the mouse up or down, to relatively increase or decrease all velocities.


Disable the “In All MIDI Inputs” option for the KK DAW in the Studio Setup (1st screenshot), please.

Oops sorry for the confusion. “Lasso” just means “drag and select multiple items”.

you guys are just great! all 5 issues solved with YOUR help. Thanks a lot!