50% off sale voucher not working for me

Having problems in that the “CYBERDEALS23” is not working for me on anything.

The voucher is already in the check out, when I hit “apply” the full price momentarily disappears (and two spinning arrows appear) and then it returns to the full price. I have this happening for both the Cubase 13 update from 12 and for the HALion7 update too.

I’m on Windows 11 using Firefox. I’ve also tried it with Edge. I’ve tried taking the voucher out and then pasting it back in. Cleared cookies & cache. Even tried turning off the firewall.

I’ve sent in a ticket to Steinberg last night but I would think they are swamped.

Anyone else had this issue?

Sorry, but both those products are not included in this round of Cyber-week sales promotion. Hence, the code does nothing.

Here’s what is on offer…
Cyber Deals | Steinberg

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There is an ongoing discussion of the Cyber Weeks promotion in the Steinberg Lounge. It transpires that Dorico was not included in Cyber Weeks, but it seems there will be a sale on Dorico later this year, presumably to coincide with the release of Dorico 5.1.

Steinberg had stated that Cubase would not be included in this sale - it was too soon after the release of the new version. The same reasoning applies to Nuendo.

Indeed. I saw the recent ‘Black Friday deals’ Scoring Notes article and read as such in there… Should be a good Xmas (or slightly late Xmas…!) on that one.

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ok thanks for the replies. I’m suprised HALion 7 is not on sale, it was out Feb this year, but there you go. Thanks for the quick response and I can stop freting about missing out.