504 Gateway time out - Temp solution for SDA download

Hello All,

There seems to be a problem (just like previous week-end) with the Steinberg server.
I (once more) provide an alternative download for the SDA using Google Drive and iCloud.

Windows users: I zipped the file to avoid typical “.exe” warnings

Mac users:

Last week, some people warned about potential viruses and the risks involved clicking on this kind of links.
I guarantee these are the original SDA files, but feel free to comment …


The Steinberg Activation Manager is stalling in a loop
“Updating Steinberg Media Bay” with the loading icon going forever.

I just tried logging out and in again from the Steinberg Activation Manager and it was successful.

I don’t fully understand what you are experiencing though …

Latest attempt on the Steinberg site for downloading the SDA was successful