5960X vs 6800K poll

Which is going to achieve better low latency performance, the 6800K or the 5960X ?

  • i7 5960X
  • i7 6800K

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I found a great deal on used a 5960X PC, and it would cost me about the same as building a new system with a 6800K. Which do you think will perform better? 5960X has 2 more cores but lower clock speed. I’m running huge templates of orchestral instruments 64GB+ of Kontakt instances, VEP etc.

Cubase will not be faster with more cores. Higher clock speed is better.

Thats kind of what I figured, but I wonder if there is a huge difference between 4GHz vs 3GHZ and more cores. I’m at 3.2GHz right now with a 3930k and wish I could push it more.

In my case I have (see signature) an i7 5930k 6 core 3.5 GHz OC’d to just over 4.2GHz and the difference is very noticeable, everything is much snappier, including Cubase.

Have you tried overclocking your 3930k?