5orcery (compressor plugin) with Wavelab

I’m trying to figure out if I can run 5orcery, a multi-band compression plugin, with Wavelab. I know I need to save the .dll file in a folder that Wavelab can find. I’ve tried looking in my computer for a Wavelab program file, but I can’t find any. There’s a Steinberg folder but it only contains folders for Cubase. So I tried creating a folder within the Steinberg directory called “Wavelab Plugins” and put the .dll file there. I then went into Wavelab and under plugin settings, told it to search in the Wavelab Plugins folder. I then restarted Wavelab and tried to access the 5orcery, but it doesn’t show up as an available plugin. What am I missing?

Attached is the print screen of my plugin settings.

Are you sure this is not a 32/64 bit issue?
Did you check, in the other tab, if the plugin was evaluated but rejected (look at the bottom right of the dialog).

Well, when I clicked the “organize” tab and then clicked “ignored plugins” 5orcery showed up on the list. It said to select the file and Wavelab would re-evaluate it the next time the program was launched. So I selected 5orcery, restarted Wavelab, and it still can’t find it.

I’m not sure how to determine if the plugin is 32 bit or 64 bit. I’m using the 64 bit version of Wavelab. This is all the manufacturer’s website says about 5orcery.


Is there another multiband compressor that you recommend using with Wavelab?

There’s no reason not to use 32-bit WaveLab if you have 32-bit plugins (which I guess that one is). You can have both versions installed, and there’s no significant performance difference.

Can I use 32 bit wavelab with a 64 bit version of Windows?

Certainly. I have for such purposes a WL6 32-bit installed next to my WL8 64-bit.