6.0.1 crash on project load

I appears to be having a crash on load of a project. Oddly I can get the project to load after letting cubase crash 10-30 times. The project will load and run fine until i close it again.

I didnt have this problem until 6.0.1 and stupidly i saved this project as a 6.0.1 file.

Any ideas?

Any ideas?

Yes - Always use save as to create new versions of projects or use autosave to create backups so if one corrupts you can just try yesterdays save instead.

But as you obviously didn’t do this…the first thing to try would be hiding your vstplugins…either move the folder or rename it & see if the project opens.

Yeah … that seems to do it. It seems that “sometimes” it barfs on load when the same VST plugin is used on multiple tracks. interesting. I can work around it but still a bit strange.

and yes I now have 4 different backups :wink:

If you can narrow it down to a specific plug (by introducing them gradually) you may find there’s a newer version that will solve the problem.

Good luck.

I had this problem too. Trying all of your solutions doesn’t solve me the problem BUT ONLY trashing Cubase preferences solved me this issue.
Hope the same for you.

hmm what exactly do you mean by "trashing all the preferences?

I just make sure my saves do not include the same VST on multiple files (32bit VSTs)


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