6.0.20 previous memory function only half works

Back at the end of July, I raised the issue on this forum that SL6 did not memorise the tools settings on closing and re-opening the program, something that SL5 did without a problem. A reply from Steinberg at the time was that this would be addressed in the next update. It has been addressed in 6.0.20, but not without bug. After using either the Clone Stamp or Noise Spray tools (the ones I mainly use), then closing and re-opening SL6, the brush shape and hardness options are retained as per the previous session, as is the Screen/Spectral Units option - and I use the Spectral Units option all the time. BUT, though the Spectral Units option remains as Spectral Units on re-opening, the following 2 fields revert to the Screen Units fields (i.e. pixels and ratio), not the Spectral Unit fields of Width and Height.

Opening the Screen/Spectral field and clicking in Spectral does nothing. The only way to get the Spectral H & W fields is to click on the Screen option and then access that field again and select Spectral - thus a 2 step process to get the H & W fields.

I thank Steinberg for re-introducing the settings memory function; unfortunately, the implementation hasn’t been all that successful.

Given that its taken over 3.5 months to get this update, it will probably be well into 2020 before this bug gets fixed, so regretfully I’ll need to go back to SL5 where the memory function works perfectly well.

Indeed, I can repro - fixed here, but it’ll have to wait patch 3. We have a SL update planned for the end of january, so hopefully the wait will be shorter this time.

Just curious what you are doing that has you mostly using the noisespray tool? :ugeek: :smiley:

“Just curious what you are doing that has you mostly using the noisespray tool?”

Location background audio from cameras. There’s often low level wind noise or the like usually under 300 Hz but up to 500 Hz where its sometimes easier to delete that frequency range altogether and replace it with the noise spray at about - 40dB or thereabouts, depending on the overall bg sound level. The constant noise spray level provides a feeling of a more peaceful ‘location’ replacing the annoying rumbling of the wind. Where that low level wind noise is only occasional, my preference is to use the clone stamp to copy a section of the clean ‘no wind noise’ area and use that to replace the wind noise areas, again usually under 300 to 500 Hz.

Notwithstanding the above, I still add an EQ FX at the track level in Vegas Pro which fades out bg audio usually from 110 to 40 Hz.