6.0.4 Announcement and Lane Issues

Hi Helge,
I just read your announcement about 6.0.4. So when is Steinberg going to acknowledge all of the issues / bugs / design problems with the Lanes? I am sure by now you are fully aware of what they are since they are all over the forum and I am sure numerous folks like myself have contacted Tech Support regarding the issue. Why is Steinberg acting as if this issue does not exist?

I wish for a change to the lanes or an option or anything to allow me work as I did before but it appears Steinberg are wanting the new system :frowning:

I’d like to know this too :slight_smile:

Thank you for 6.0.4… I too though am very concerned about the lanes situation. Hopefully things can be resolved soon somehow.

Which issue is Steinberg acting as if it does not exist?

What are your usecases, what exactly are you doing and how do you work?
What are you trying to achive in Cubase?


I need to move and/or copy inactive events to a different position on the same track, without them become the active take. How can I do this? I know that shift+select (or lasso) will select them without immediately becoming active, but when the event is actually moved/copied, it becomes active, replacing the comp at the destination position on the track.

Again, outline your usecase, what exactly is happening. Let the OP make his points and outline some of his usecases. You have been in every thread about lanes he has not. :slight_smile:

I am gathering information. FD, at the moment you are not really helping here by requesting to shuffle muted events with them staying muted.

Explain the usecase and why you would like to move around muted events and keep them muted. :wink:

Outlining the usecase is way more important then an unexplained request.


Apologies, I don’t wish to hijack the OP’s thread so I posted my question in a new topic: