6.0.4 update info about click

"The 6.0.4 pre-release will resolve the following issues:

  1. When using audio samples as metronome click, toggling the metronome on/off may lead to interruption of audio recordings."

I’m not using “audio samples” I’m using the default audio click settings (not midi), and I’ve got really bad interruption problems when toggling on/off during recording. I really hope this update includes the standard click (Beeps) rather than just fixing those with the “sounds” option enabled


which operating system/audiohardware do use ?



I have the same problem as Alasdair and my configuration is:
Windows 7 64bit, RME HDSP / Digiface.

yea I definitely also have the issue and only use the standard beeps. Same on both my cubase systems.


I too have the same problem. OS X, 32 bit cubase 6.03.

I was going to ask this as well…

Audio click (not audio samples) - just the standard beeps… I get an interruption in playback/recording every time when I toggle the click on/off (I’m using the key command)

OSX 10.6.8/Cubase 6.0.3 64 bit.

Hope this is resolved in the new update - I thought I’d read it was an acknowledged error and will be fixed in 0.4?


Same here, I thought the original issue was regarding the built in audio metronome?

Specs in signature.

same here…

Thanks for the concern Chris, but I think the users with this fault / steinberg are way past the point of diagnosing that there might be a fault. It would seem many users are unable to switch the click on / off without cubase messing up the audio record functionality.

What concerned me was the list of fixes for 6.0.4 on https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=12751 - I really hope they are going to fix this fault properly… 6.0.2 was fine!

Hm. Well you posters have confused me here. Not one of you has declared if you are running 6.0.3 or 6.0.2? Please do not confuse Chris here. I BEG OF YOU!! :cry:

If you are all running 6.0.3, the metronome is fubar NO MATTER IF YOU USE THE FACTORY BEEPS OR CREATE YOUR OWN.

If you are running 6.0.2, the metronome works perfectly IF YOU USE THE FACTORY BEEPS - BUT FAILS WHEN YOU USE YOUR OWN SOUNDS.

This has already been established in numerous posts. Are all of you now saying that you are experiencing problems with the factory beeps in 6.0.2? If this is true, where have you been with your complaints these past two months???

no, i said 6.0.2 was fine… I never tried using my own samples for clicks anyway, but if the default click settings don’t work, as with 6.0.3, in 6.0.4, then this will be frustrating


Both above described issues 1 and 2 do not occur anymore in the 6.04 pre release.

So yes if the interruptions you experience are related to these issues, and most likely they are, you will not have the problem anymore in 6.04.




Thanks for the clarification JHP!