6.0.5 hangs for 2 mins "SOLVED"

never had it with 6.0.4 but now with 6.5 64 bit c6 hangs for just under 3 mins !

not impressed !

I assume it’s when shutting down?

Luck, Arjan

yep and it’s only doing it with the 64 bit version , 32 bit seems ok !

Its ok here (6.05 x64 version). Did you save it before closing it?

hi sturgeon
all iv’e done is updated to the 6.0.5 then open up c6 with or without projects loaded or saved and it hangs everytime for nearly 3 min’s , i take it you mean by save, you mean saving a project ?


I loaded the current project I’m working on, made some changes, saved it (6.05 version not overwrite) closed it, then quit.

No hang.

aaahhhhhh ive just defraged and installed all win 7 updates and the lag seems to have gone …good stuff .


Have been using 6.05 32 bit here on Win XP for a good few hours and is running smooth so far…

cool i was thinking of updating the xp station in the morning so thats good to know :wink: