6.05 & Padshop Pro, weird behaviour?

I’ve noticed that Padshop Pro needs to be constantly in the Monitor mode to be heard at all in Project Window. It plays back fine in Piano roll, but when going back to Project window it’s mute until I put on Monitor. I don’t recall this happening in 6.04 and it surely doesn’t happen in Halion, VSL, etc. which are on the same project. Am I doing something wrong?

It also doesn’t notice the Midi track volume when loading the project. I have to input the same value to midi volume and press enter again. Otherwise it seems to be default, maybe 100, I’m not sure. Entering volumes again every time when working with a project is time consuming and can easily be forgotten, resulting in mix which is not what it used to be.

Also, if I move around the clip it may play back ok without Monitor button being On, but sometimes it also plays completely something else not on the timeline! Definitely now very very buggy - and this is after 6.05, I didn’t notice anything like that in 6.04.

Is this information going to Padshop dev team or should I contact someone else?