6.07 Compatibility

After upgrading to 6.07 I can’t open 5.5.6 projects.
Anyone else experience this?
Also used to be able to open 6 projects in 5. Alas No longer…
What is the compatibility roadmap here?

Doing this every day here …
What’s the error?


As N6.0.7 is loading the last channel in the MixConsole window it crashes.
Thinking it might have something to do with something in the project files.
If I make an empty project in 5.5.6 it will successfully open in 6.0.7 and vice versa.
This problem didn’t exist until a complete fresh reinstall of 6.0.7
Think perhaps I should install again…

In V6, if I create a new empty project, then open a second project made in 5 and choose NO when the “Do you want to activate project?” widow comes up, The timeline of the V5 project correctly displays as it should.
When I activate the second project and it begins to load the mixer, it crashes right at the end of that process.

I think there is some problematic plugin in that project.
Bets thing to do is troubleshooting step by step.
Create project/load project.
Load other projects (with as few plugins as possible)
Load One at the time !!!
Open 5.x project in 5.x and look what’s in that last track.
Remove track and see if the project loads without that track.
Export/re-import that track, see what happens,

etc …