6.5.3 update: Cubase 6 is not installed!

We have just purchased an update from cubase 6 to 6.5.3. After downloading the installer displays an error message saying Cubase 6 is not installed!

Cubase 6 is very much installed.

Unfortunately the software does not allow us to proceed any further. :neutral_face:

All a bit sad really! any suggestions folks?

Did you rename the Cubase app? I experienced the same error when I named all my versions of Cubase differently. I had “Cub4se”, “Cuba5e”, “Cu6ase” etc. Once I changed the names back to default, worked like a charm! Hope this helps.

Is Cubase6 installed in the default directories, or did you point to a custom dir. when you installed?

Hey. Thank you for your reply.

No. We have have not renamed Cubase.


Just using the default directory.

I see there is a reference to ‘corrupt’ installers posted on the same forum with a recommendation to download the 6.5.3 file from the Asknet site. [Whatever that is!] Actually it is the site you use to buy downloads. so we are going to download a different update from there and see. Holding my breath. :laughing:


So. What have we learnt? Apparently the 6.5.3 download on the Steinberg site has a corrupt installer.

The one on the Aksnet site has a working version.

We did not know how to get to the Asknet site, so pretended to buy something, wandered around some screens and eventually pressed a tab called ‘downloads’ and got it there.

I was wondering if in the magnificent wisdom of the universe there might have been an easier way. :unamused: :laughing:

Cool beans, glad you got it working! 6.5 is a BEAST!

Yeah, stumbling around a PARTNER site looking for a update that should be in plain sight, isnt very good for business. I used the top ‘sticky’ here at the forum to download it. Worked fine for me (OS X). I assume youre using the windows version, which means Ive got the same corrupt installer stored on my HD. Ill have to fumble my way to the working one…grr. Thanks for pointing this out!

Hi there,

please pm the download link, I will check it as soon as possible.



Hi there,

the Cubase 6.5.3 Update is working and not defective.

But sure you will have to install the Cubase 6.5.0 Update first, before you can use the Cubase 6.5.3 Update.

So maybe you can try now to download and install the 6.5.3 Update?



I have the same issue. Really need to be fixed as I have a ton of work to do!!

6.5 Updated fine on my home studio under windows V64

Took updates to my school studio to run on the mac and the “cubase is not installed” message pops up. Its defo there! Ive been using it for a year!

However, it’s now a big issue as my dongle is now registered for 6.5 so I can’t even open the older 6 version on the mac to do some work in our school studio with the kids.

Any help is needed. I cannot reinstall on the mac either as there will prob be an elicence issue too.

Kind of stuck.

Everything is in the default places as far as i can tell. As in, when cubase installed on the mac it put it where it wanted to go. I also have admin rights (or the equivalent on macs) so that shouldn’t be the issue either.


However, it’s now a big issue as my dongle is now registered for 6.5 so I can’t even open the older 6 version on the mac to do some work in our school studio with the kids.

A 6.5 licence is fine for opening all previous versions.

Thought I saw a workaround for non updating 6.5 somewhere on here…though may have been a Windows only thing.
From what I remember involved uncompressing the installer file and then using the individual Cubase installer rather than the full setup.

“A 6.5 licence is fine for opening all previous versions”

I get the no valid license installed appear when launching on the mac. Could be a corrupt install perhaps? Ill attempt a reinstall! Pc runs like a dream. I actually hate the mac!

Just updated from 6 to 6.5.3 on a new machine, no problems. The update was downloaded from the usual http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads.html - - - -
Maybe re-install Cubase 6?

Hi there,

to the Mac issue Update issue:

Cubase 6 NEEDS to be in the Application folder on your Mac HD in order to Update to Cubase 6.5

In order to open Cubase 6 with a Cubase 6.5 license, you will only have to install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center: