6.5.4 Crash (Or hang?) on exit.


what caused it: I had some minor issues to figure out so I backed up the /appdata C6 folder, and deleted it (to start with fresh settings) - tweaked a few tings on startup, and closed. Crash. Welp!

Fast forward to having updated to 6.5.4, reinstalled audio interface drivers (Liquid Saffire 56), uninstalled Automap (Notcturn), tried starting cubase with renamed pluginfolders (both vst2 and vst3) - still the same thing. Choose quit, press X or ctrl+q gives a moment of pause before “Cubase 6 has stopped working”

Now, even when I’ve put the old /appdata cubase folder back in, with all the same settings cubase will now crash on exit every. single. time.

Technically, nothing has actually changed - yet this new problem has come.


  • Not a plugin issue
  • Not an Automap issue
  • Not a system issue

What say ye my dear steinberg denizens? Am I doomed? Do i need to call upon the dark forces, or perhaps perform an exorcism?

edit: I would like to point out that before this issue, C6.5 has been very stable - and all crashes have been attributed to other sources (interface, automap, plugins)

I am just trying to get someone to point out if I’ve actually missed something.

edit2: sweet jesus i forgot everything. C6 is 64, W7 64

Same problem here with Cubase 6.07 64 bit. The 32 bit version works fine!

Edit 1: OS w7 sp1 64bit.
I also tried trashing all preferences, no result.

Same problem her in both W7 64 bit and W8 Pro 64 bit. It needs fixing.

Solved this by completely reinstalling all steinberg products. Took a while, and even though I’ve lost all track presets; it worked. Now closing cleanly.

Complete reinstall of all Steinberg products? Pfff lot of work! What if within 2 weeks you have the same problem!

I think it needs a proper fix!

I’ll cross that bridge when I have to