6.5.4 not working!

having done almost everything, i cant figure why my cpu meter (the one at the left of my transport window) sometimes colapse, and cause freezing when i play with two keys both via usb…

I can see the meter clicking red, and if continue playing from red to crash and then continues as if there were no problems at all.

My Dpc latencyt monitor shows that i should be able to run my system without drops.

Are the updates ok? Two weeks passed since i started looking for an answer, does anybody have the same problem?

If you check on the previous posts you will see i ve done everything i could, unistalling, erasing prefs , cleaning, defrag, desactivate AVG, etc.

It is NOT posible, that i can run losts of processes in C5 and not in C6/

Aloha j,

C5 and C6 running fine here on the same 'puter. (see sig)
C5 runs in 32 bit while C6 runs in either 32 or 64 bit.

Could yours possibly be a ‘bit depth’ prob?


I can see that 64 bit is missing in my signature.

Im running 64 bits bro! Thats why i wanted the C6 version, for it has a 64 bit Daw option.

Im not having a bit prob, if im not wrong.

But yet could not figure what the fuck is going on here.

My cpu meter suddenly gets red, and suddenly crash my audio for a few seconds…

HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, i need somebody, HelPPPPPPPPPP, not just anybody (i need real support :frowning:)

Do you mean you play with two different keyboards via usb?

Could there be some kind of conflict here?

Is it possible to try one of them with a midi cable?

Or just disconnect one of the keyboards for now as a test.