6.5 and Reason rewire channel bug?

Mobo intel DZ68DB
Processor i7 3.40 Ghz quad core

Problem with channels using reason 6. When I re-open a project there is always one or more rewire channels that are missing from the rewire menu on the left side of the window. The channel shows in the mixer and the audio comes through still but the name is gone and as the channel is missing in the channel list there is no track for it so i can’t add any automation. The channel has to be turned off and back on with the rewire panel. The only work around is to send the audio to a group channel and do all automation there but that adds unnecessary channels to the project.

Another issue is that once I used rewire and put some insert fx on a track, the same fx and eq automatically are on that rewire channel even when I start a new project, it’s like each channel I’ve used was saved as a default setup after that first use. So when I start a new project and add a rewire channel, it appears with eq and inserts already on it.

Anybody else experience this?