6.5 Full Installer?

Is the 6.5 download a full install or do I need to install 6 from DVD first (on my laptop - 2nd computer)?

you’ll need to install 6 first. the installer upgrades to 6.5 from there i guess…

agreed. it is an update to C6.0 - I found I needed 6 there first…

The V6.5 upgrade is the complete thing, I installed it here with no version of Cubase on the PC at all.

V6.5 is an upgrade (chargeable) not an update (free), and so does not need a previous version installed. Though I am sure the dongle license upgrade will need to have a V6 there first before that will update.

The folder I downloaded/installed from was 924Mb in size, just in case there are different download versions around, as there were issues when V6.5 was first put out.

Chargeable or free has nothing to do with something being an upgrade or update. For Steinberg, an update is moving up within the same package, so from Full 5.0 to Full 6.0, or from Artist 6.0 to Artist 6.5. An upgrade is moving up between packages, so from Artist 6.0 to Full 6.0. This is still irrelevant to the update or upgrade file size, though it looks like a full installer by the size of it.

My downloaded file was 758.243 kB (Windows update).