6.5 Menu beach ball

I’m still on a 5.5.6 because of a strange problem.
Just after starting Nuendo every time i click any menu I get a 10 second beach ball. Then sub menu appears.
It happens only with Nuendo 6 and 6.5 without any project loaded and with any audio interface.
All of my other DAW applications (Nuendo 5.5.6, ProTools, LogicX, Reaper) are fine.
I’ve tried repairing permissions, trashing preferences, removing all my hard drives (except System), 32 bit, 64 bit and so on.
It happens even in a safe mode.
I’ve tested under Maverics (and Lion on another machine).
It seems like I stuck at Nuendo 5
Help! :cry:

Tested in Nuendo 7 - the same problem.