6.5 on Windows XP?

I know Windows XP is not officially supported, but I have been running C6 without problems.

Just wondering what the unofficial verdict is on 6.5 on XP from those who have tried it. I seem to recall some people having installation problems.

Anything I should be aware of before I shell out $50?


Here’s a thread about it:


alls well here . i dont think windows 7 is as stable as xp yet ,but that`s just in general.

I went from XP to W7 last Januari. It’s certainly not less stable here.

W7 is equally as stable as XP here.

There are two camps now really, and both have pro’s and cons. For me I had to let go Virtual bassist for instance and GPO.

The only real downfall is that if you run into trouble running it on XP that there is noone responsible.
If there is no budget issue then my advice is to go W7. If you have a solid set up and you work with
good software. No freebies and illigal stuff then you should be okay.
As far as I know you can run into trouble on both OS’s :slight_smile: Meaning there is no definitive answer here.

Maybe you could try it out? And if it doesn’t work then grade up to W7.

If you really want to be shure?
Well I went to W7 just 2 months ago because my set up was stable and I didn’t want to break that.
Cubase 6 was the trigger to go W7.
So if you are in the middle of some important projects do nothing.

Greetz Dylan.

I would go so far as to say that I think Windows 7 (64-bit) is MORE stable than XP. The thing about XP was (past tense, for me) that it worked pretty much all the time, BUT, I had a number of times when something (as a whole) locked up the system and I could not kill it to get the system back: REBOOT. Did not happen very often, but on more than one machine and when it did it sucked. In W7 that does not happen, or I have yet to experience it. (And I use W7 64-bit at home and at work, on several machines at both places.)

Also, what is really cool, is that W7 contains pretty much all device drivers built-in (not third party, but Microsoft’s) which basically makes many (not all, of course, and especially not specialized) devices compatible out-of-the-box.

Anyways, just my two cents… :slight_smile:

I, too, am running 6.5.1 on XPSP3 without issue but upgrading to Win7 64 tomorrow. Now that Waves is 64 bit I have everything to gain by making the switch - er, because I have a few bundles. But I have to say, I have dragged my feet on this because XP is working really well on my machine.

Upgrading to W7 is not in the cards right now. So I’m really just wondering about any issues with Cubase 6.5 and XP.

I have read the thread Sir Dancelot mentioned. That was what made me wonder.

6.5 working perfectly on XP sp2 here. Functioning commercial studio running 10 hours a day everyday. -I’m in the process of upgrading the entire machine but have an album to finish mixing first. This installation of XP has lasted me 5 years. Amazing if youi ask me.

Kev Vin - that is awesome to hear :smiley: (I have XP SP2 as well, and have been quite hesitant to jump from 6.0.5 to 6.5.x - though I want to, only for the “new” comping tool).

May I ask, how much RAM do you have on your XP SP2 computer(s)?


Sure. Its a 2.4 dual core with 4gigs of ram. And if I didn’t know the possibilities out there I would be as happy as a pig in sh!t with it.

I’ve got a similar eperience to Kev. My installation of XP 64x has worked great since 2006 on a Dell core duo 2.6 ghz with 6 g ram. I had issues for a while with Maschine but 6 months ago I updated Cubase to 64x version and got Jbridge and I have no issues now. Should have gone to CB64 long ago; that was my problem.