6/8 or 4/4 with triplets?

I have this rhythm that continues through most of the piece but am unsure whether to notate it as 6/8 or 4/4 with triplets. Is there a difference? I suspect having it in 6/8 would be much tidier and user friendly for the player. But does it create a difference in feel? I can only play it in on 4/4 otherwise the 6/8 metronome beat Dorico is feeding me is throwing me off.

If it should be in 6/8 for clarity but I can only record in 4/4, what’s the quickest way to remove the triplets and convert the notes to be where they should be in 6/8 measures? I thought it would have been a simple “click all the triplet 3’s and hit delete” but that just makes a mess of everything. There must be a simple solution, right?

Turn on insert mode (I) first, then delete the triplets. Then re-enter the meter as 6/8.

Without seeing other parts of the score, it’s impossible to know which would be better. Context needed.

If your piece has an overall triplet feel, you could change the time signature to 6/8 or 12/8 and ditch the triplets. If it has a predominately 4/4 pulse except for those running triplets, you could keep it as you have pictured.

while they look the same they are different …go with 6/8 if it has a more relaxed feel and almost dance-like compared to 4/4…

watch this

That video has nothing to do with the difference between “6/8” and “4/4 with triplets”.