6/8 Tempo Marking

Does anyone know how to input “dotted quarter = 58” in 6/8 time?

Shift-T, then type 6.=58 then hit Enter.

Or see page 605 of the extensive manual: https://blog.dorico.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/dorico_en_1.2_22_12_17.pdf#page605


Dear Leo,
I was wondering why you did not give the “rtfm” information :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Searching the manual takes a couple of minutes on an iPhone, and I don’t like to direct people to it unless I know that the information’s there :wink:

And, how to find it. I have been looking for information on Text -inputting, editing, and so forth. I know much of it, and was looking for an answer - the word text is not in the Index, and you have to know where in the TOC, and its sub-headings to find it. So, I can imagine the OP’s dilemma… For now the rtfm response is not always possible - just like stff (search the forum first) doesn’t always reap fruitful answers. Thanks to all of you who do take the time to give thoughtful and helpful responses - we all benefit from your knowledge and patience. May you continue to have both!

Dear R Pearl,
The folks here are really nice folks that we shall meet and work with, actually. That is why I believe the mood is so nice in this forum — even if I read here and there some people complaining about the “tone” of some answers… I’m almost certain that this tone was not intended to be rude :wink: So yes, being helpful is the rule. I had this “private joke” with Pianoleo because, when the first manual came out, we were wondering whether this “rtfm” could become a real answer !

Oh, no, was aiming at helpful. I do try to steer people towards the manual, because it really is full of very useful information; as is this forum.

Marc and I did have a quiet joke when the manual was finally released, with the betting being that ALL of my responses would become “rtfm” within a few weeks, but “rtfm” isn’t always helpful - with Play mode the information just isn’t there, and areas of Engraving mode are not as fully fleshed-out in the manual as I’d ideally like.

so it’s currently more a “rtfmafaiadau” - reat the f*ing manual as far as it’s already done and useful :wink: