6 and 6.5 on same machine?


I have the 6.5 installer, but need to keep working on v6 for some projects. If I install 6.5, does that create a new version or does it overwrite & update my 6.0 copy? (And can they run on the same machine?)



(PS. Wondering 'cause I’d like to start a new project and be able to use the new Cubase iC Pro app, but it says it’s for 6.5 only)

Unless I missed an option, 6.5 replaces 6.

I have 4, 5, 6.5, and 7 all installed on my system.

It will update/replace your 6.0. Your 6.0 projects should open in 6.5 as if nothing ever happened.

Do you promise?


I never make promises :stuck_out_tongue: .

I guess if you were really paranoid you could make a backup copy of all your project folders (not a bad idea anyway). That way if you had problems with them loading and running properly in 6.5 you could roll back to 6.0 and still have the original versions to open. I believe once a 6.0 project is opened in 6.5 it is converted to a 6.5 project. Create a system image before running the 6.5 installer?

But, none of that should be necessary. Just run the installer and the 6.5.4 update (and Halion Sonic SE 1.6.3 if you haven’t already) and enjoy!

Aloha guys, just to chime in,

I have been burned two times and that was enough.

just to be on the safe side,

’Finish all work in the app it was started’

Then move on.


Good call.

I was hoping I could run the two versions side-by-side so I could start a new project in 6.5 while finishing up some others in 6.0.

Maybe it’s time to give v7 a spin. As I understand, you can indeed run v6 and v7 on the same machine, correct?

IIRC, some users managed to get them both side by side on the same computer. Using some kinda tricks…

Yes - and for the first time files are interchangeable both ways. But maybe that’s only true for 6.5… (I don’t have C7)