6 observations re: C6

Hiya folks

Some things for those endowed with the infinite knowledge of our fave workhorse app…

Firstly, why does the Mediabay (as awesome as it is) need to “rehearse” sounds when you click on them, eg accidentally when for example your intention was to delete?

Second, when you move a VST folder in the tracklist every time you create new outputs eg from a VST in the rack, it creates another folder.

Third, why are the presets in HAL Sonic SE the same for both the global and instrument slot menus and can they not be contextual, ie you don’t show individual instruments in the global preset menu.

Fourth, when you cut out a section of part and paste it into another part, sometimes the new complete part takes the name from the adjoined section, not the part pasted to.

Fifth, The graphics for all channels is obscured slightly when track heights are set to minimum. Maybe it’s always been that way but with such attention to detail as of late I thought I’d make mention.

Just some things thus far but not showstoppers of course (except maybe no.1 since it connects to the audio subsystem unnecessarily IMV).


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Edit: title

I think you’re referring to the AutoPlay button just above the Previewer pane on the right.

I didn’t know that thanks.

Two more things I’ve found

  • After a recording (midi drums) I normally make all the notes the same length by using the Keycommand ALT then M U F but sometimes this isn’t available for some reason.

  • When setting a Keycommand to return to the first marker, it is not able to be used in either the list or drum editor.

Can anyone please confirm?


M U F … :laughing:

Split, you’ve been missing your old buddy, have you not?

I’ll be bashin’ my rubberized kit
…‘til mornin’
Post out my ass and get guested
…no warnin’

And to keep it C6 related, I’ve been considering the upgrade from Studio 5 but the horror stories lately about the last update have me a little sketched out.

I always thought the guesting was a bit harsh…

And I’m loving C6, it seems to work for me :smiley: