60s guitar sound loops

Today I received an email from Steinberg with an offer of 60s guitar sound loops, which looked reasonable and I decided to purchase.
I have downloaded and installed, however, I cannot find anything online on how this product integrates with Cubase… and I would like help please, can anyone advise on a good resource to learn about how to use sound loops such as 60s Guitar?

Thanks in advance.

The loops will be in the media bay section, under the title of the pack you have, and you can drag to the timeline or do what you please with them.

Pretty good tutorial on composing with loops here too:-

Thanks for responding skijumptoes .

I checked the media bay, but I don’t find those samples in there.
When I installed the loops pack, I pointed it at an external drive (that is where I store the files) and it moved them successfully. However, in the folder on the external drive, I only see one file for 60s Guitar: (60s_Guitar_01.vstsound). There are no wav files in that folder, just that one single file.
When I browse to the folder in media bay, there are no results… empty.
Has it installed correctly?

Sorry, my mistake, I found them in the “VST SOund” section of media bay, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!