64-bit plugins to blacklist

why some 64-bit plugins are added to the blacklist?

Here’s the screenshot of plugin manager:
Annotation 2019-11-14 112953.png

the izotope “plugins” that are blacklisted, i do not know why they are installed. these are “extra” .dll’s, not the main dll’s for izotope, known thing. the izotope stuff you have installed, will work.

about the others i cannot say. and there is a 64 bit version of wusik station v9… but i think you will know that… nice stuff, wusik…

Hope this helps…
Have you tried reinstating the plugins?

click on the blacklisted VST, below a REINSTATE button appears.

This worked for EZDrummer 2

As mentioned by Howl, those are not iZotope plugins (but operational files the respective plugins use). Rectivating them will likely crash Cubase.
Wusik is available as 64-bit native, both VST2 and VST3.

Thank you. Understand about side iZotope .dll. As for Wusik, the 64-bit version is already installed in my DAW, indeed it was not included in my question. I’d need to know about Mu-Technologies MuVoice, it’s a 64-bit plugin (http://www.mu-technologies.com), why it’s blacklisted?


then I’d suppose Wusik 64bit is saved somewhere else?
Those are definitely 32bit plugins. I personally don’t know those installers, but with many it is actually possible to put all versions in the same folder (which would result in the x86 being blacklisted and the x64 to just work fine).

MuVoice… do you know when the version you have was released, the VST SDK version and / or if it uses any specific dependency?

Well, that’s quite old, I got the x64 .dll from the company about 9 years ago…

Thank you Fabio for your support!

9 years is a lot for an iLok protected plugin. Perhaps have a look at that area?
I frankly don’t know how such an old plug will work with a new iLok manager (or how an older manager would work on Win 10).
If it was provided as a simple dll, then it shouldn’t have any fancy dependency.


Yes, I understand. Well, probably better keep it blacklisted indeed until, hope so, a new version will be released.
Thanks again. Best regards.