64 Bit Problems w/ BCF2000 Midi Input

After a hard drive crash and reinstall I am having problems running my BCF2000 Midi input. I had it setup in 32bit so that it worked as a Mackie Control (it still does) and as a MIDI interface from my Gr-30 guitar synth. Now it works fine as a controller but the MIDI In port is awol. The MIDI green light on the BCF is flashing as it appears to be “live” there, but it does not show on the device panel anywhere. I have the BCF2000 on Mackie control and US-1. It shows up on the MIDI Port setup but there is no note on data being received. I have tried IN ALL MIDI and without and that has no effect. Do I need to import a MIDI device? I don’t recall doing that before.

Any one got any help?