64 bit processing vs Kontakt and Omnisphere

EDIT: I now see this issue occurs with 32-bit processing too.

I enabled 64-bit processing in my Cubase Pro 10.0.30, to see/hear what all the fuss is about :slight_smile:

Now, when I load projects, intermittently - eg. if I load the same project 3 times in a row - sometimes some of my VSTi’s (Kontakt6 and Omnisphere 2.6.2) won’t instantiate. Cubase shows a message “remove tracks that could not be connected?”.

I close the project, leaving Cubase running, and try again, and they open fine.

Has anyone else seen this?

Any ideas?

(note: Yes, my versions of Kontakt6 and Omnisphere are 64-bit plugins. Cubase would never see them if they weren’t. Also, the message I get is not “missing plugin”, it’s “could not be connected.” thanks)

While I have heard of occasional reports of that problem, I’ve never seen it myself.

Regarding 64-bit, I’m the principal software developer for Omnisphere, so you can believe me when I tell you using the 64 bit engine option will accomplish nothing when using Omnisphere :slight_smile:. The same is true for almost all virtual instruments.

Thanks! That’s interesting.

I understand that using Cubase’s 64-bit processing engine does not change the midi input and audio output of a VSTi.

But maybe it changes the way that the output audio gets summed with the other channels?

Anyway, it seems that 64-bit processing has compatibility issues and I must disable it.

It changes bus summing, but the change that makes to the audio is inaudible. 64 bit arithmetic is important for recursive processes, but all plugins, including Omnisphere, already do that, regardless of whether you have 32 or 64 selected for the engine option.

Update: I see the same issue (intermittently, disconnected VSTi’s on project open) even with 32-bit processing selected.

So now I don’t know.

Don’t wanna hijack this thread, but I’m also having major problems with Omnisphere in Cubase 10. Works great in 9.5 though. In Cubase 10 it lags and takes forever, like 30sec, to change a patch and while doing it the computer freezes. Same thing just trying to change view in Omnisphere, everything freezes so it’s just not usable at the moment.

I have written to both Steinberg and Spectrasonics about this but still no solution, and from other forums I know that a lot of other people also experiencing problems with Omnisphere in Cubase 10.

Note, although I have seen this issue most with Omnisphere, I have seen it once with Kontakt also.

Does anyone have info on the error message “remove tracks that could not be connected”.

What causes it. and what is the solution?

It seems intermittent. eg. rebooting, or restarting cubase does not always fix. But sometimes it does.