64-bit VST plugins for 64-bit Cubase 6? (OS X only)

Has anyone released 64-bit VST plugins yet? Or are we doomed to use 32-bit plugins still with the infamous VST Bridge?

I also noticed that you can´t use Waves plugins at all in 64-bit Cubase 6, even with the VST Bridge. :frowning:

Out of the plugins I use, the following are 64-bit:-

NI: Absynth 5, Battery 3, FM8, Kontakt 4, Massive and Guitar RIG (though you might need to use a beta version of one or two of them - I can’t remember which ones).
Garritan Aria Player
The Blue Cat free FX

A 64-bit VST of Pianoteq will appear over the next few months (the standalone and the AU plugin are already 64-bit)


Thanks! But I am only searching for VST plugins, not VST instruments.

Sorry, I misunderstood - the Blue Cat ones are the only ones I use.

Voxengo and Nomad Factory both have plug ins in 64bit.