64 bit VST3 blacklisted

Just installed exponential audio R4 and Nimbus (windows vst3) and both plugins were blacklisted on boot - it claimed they were 32 bit ?

Plugin manager showed them as 64 bit and I enabled them and they work ok. Other exponential audio plugs were fine. Nuendo had the same problem.

Anybody have any idea what happened ?

Probably somethin Exponential Audio are responsible for. It happened to me. Let them know and it will probably get fixed - although they obviously didn’t take any notice of my email.

Did the installer ALSO install a VST2 version of the plugin? The Ozone Elements free version did this and I had the same result. I think it was blacklisting the VST2 version or there was a conflict between them. Anyway, I reran the installer and only selected the VST3 version and it was fine. I have noticed in the past that Cubase doesn’t like when there are multiple versions of the same plugin (either 32/64 bit or VST2/VST3).

yep - izotope didn’t seem that bothered

was only the vst3 64bit no other versions installed - not really a showstopper but just thought it odd