64 bit Wavelab ?

Next update (7.2) should have a 64 bit version.

Thanks for the confirmation (I know you had hinted at it before).

64-bit software has reached the tipping point, I think. In servers, which are inevitably ahead of the game in this particular regard, Microsoft’s Exchange for example went 64-bit only in its “2010” version, and now Windows Server 2008 R2 is also 64-bit only.


will a 32bit plugin like freefilter be compatible to a 64bit wavelab?
i guess it won’t?

No, WaveLab 64 bit will only support 64 bit plugins.

btw PG, please don’t forget to reanimate the copy protection - checkbox (all at once) in the headerbar (?) of the cd-specific-tool-window of the audiomontage…

Will you be able to run both versions at different times on the same machine?


I assume we’ll be able to use Jbridge for our 32 bit plugs ?

No bridge.

I realise that there is no official wavelab bridge - I meant can you use jbridge (which works great for cubase) ?


I was not aware of this stuff. I will check.