64 bit

I know there is an update Q2 2011, will it include 64 bit for OSX?

If not, how long do we have to wait?

Or is there a work around for accessing more memory?

I can’t answer your question, but if you need more memory for samples, then try VE Pro (which can also solve the long re-load isses). If you need more memory for plugs, then the 64bit version is likely to be of little use in the short term, because most plugs are not yet 64bit.


And… if you need more memory because Nuendo/32 can’t handle long projects with high track counts due to excessive memory consumption with waveform drawing routines, the predicament we have been in for over a year, you are very much out of luck on OSX.


the next Nuendo update will provide 64bit support (MAC). Unfortunately, it will not be available in June anymore, but end of July. But it will be for free and will include many other nice things :slight_smile:


Hey Timo, is this the 5.5 update that has been mentioned? :slight_smile:



good question…is this the 5.5 or the other update?

Hello Timo,
Good news, looking forward to it.
Will this update include any memory-reducing waveform drawing routines to limit excessive memory use?