64bit Engine Wont Engage - 9.5

So in options i switch it to 64bit it says restarted needed.

On closing cubase down there is a crash and when it restarts it’ still in 32bit mode.

anyone else getting this?

Windows 10 - 64bit.

Hi and welcome,

Where did you switch to 64-bit?

Cubase 9.5 is 64-bit only. It cannot start as 32-bit.

64 Bit Mixing engine - this is new.

Studio - Studio Setup - VST Audio System - Processing Precision.

It didn’t crash for me but wow, it uses a lot more processing!

Yeah I am on about the 64bit processing engine you switch it on as per the above post.

But mine doesnt switch on…will try a full re install instead of a upgrade i guess?

I just upgraded…


Could you share the crashlog, please?

Sure I will send that when i get to the studio tomorrow!