64bit Rewire Support

Great news! :smiley:

Considering the subject…this may be of interest:


Yup !

Presonus Studio One Pro (V2) was just released a few days ago, it offers 64-bit Rewire support for both Mac and PC, and LP9 is supporting it already as well.

I wonder what excuse Steinberg has for the delay ?

When can we expect the next Cubase 6 Update, with Rewire 64-bit support ? 2012 :unamused: ?

Really…? I don’t think so; not yet anyway (same as Steinberg/Cakewalk/Ableton/Avid etc…). Well, for Logic, not according to this - unless I’ve missed an update sowewhere…


:question: I’m sure I must be missing something here but:
If I send my midi from Cubase 6 to my midi interface then set Reason 6 to read the midi interface, connect the out to the in with a midi cable then I can play Reason 6 From Cubase 6. Midi interfaces are all opto isolated anyway aren’t they, that’s part of the midi spec. so there are no electrical looping problems? As both Apps must be running anyway what am I loosing? I personally am not that impressed with the Reason sequencer anyhow.
I MUST be missing something obvious!!

@deety … I think you are missing that the rewire protocol supports both midi and audio, permitting the streaming of Reason audio directly into the Cubase mixer.



The ReWire 64-bit announcement was to late for the upcomming update, so it will come with a later update.



Thanks Chris… :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, Chris.

which in doing so makes Reason sound 30% better! :laughing: