64bit Rewire Support

After all the mess on with Reason over the past year or so with 32bit this 64bit that, Propellerhead finally do something about it and guess what…no 64bit support from Steinberg.

Any idea when we will see this?

you can bet your life we will not see the rewire fix until cubase 7. After spending a fortune on win7 64 bit cubase 6 reason 6 and 16gb of ram I feel completely cheated. Anyone else feel the same

No - not cheated. I came here to find out before splashing out for a Reason upgrade.

I do however - want a statement from Steinberg about how and when they’re going to fix it. This in order to plan my purchases.

I haven’t upgraded to Cubase 6 either… still on 5.5 here. All running on a Win7-64 bit system. I’ve got some large sample-libraries that are usable more or less on 5.5 - 64bit only. I do also use Reason as a synth-rack quite often - so I keep swapping between my various instances of Cubase… - and this is 2011!!! What a silly world.

I definitely feel the same exact way. I love both products, so I definitely won’t be leaving one product for the other, but I would really love to see the two play nice in the 64 bit world. Those of us that use Cubase for its incomparable MIDI control won’t be leaving any time soon. However, some of us that need all of that MIDI control ALSO need to be able to access more than 4 GB of RAM. It’s definitely a huge pain to have to jump back and forth between 32 bit and 64 bit just to get one’s projects done. At the end of the day it is worth doing, but it would be REALLY NICE to not have to do it and see ones workflow simplified. If they were to get it done, they’d definitely make a lot of us happy. Overall, I think it would be a good business decision, and perhaps it would be best for us to keep showing our support for a great product and hope for the best!

Hopefully Steinberg will fix this shortcoming. 64-bit Rewire is here, but not with Cubase 6 (64-bit). I had no idea this was going to be an issue ! I’m totally surprised to know about this issue.

I was all bubbly about getting Reason 6 which is now (64-bit and so is Rewire).

Oh…well… Hopefully Steinberg is reading this, and are going to offer a Cubase 6 update that will provide a fully functioning, and stable 64-bit Rewire.

By the way, what other 64-bit DAW/s currently supports Rewire (64-bit) ?


Logic 9 64-bit works using Reason 6 64-bit.

That’s Interesting.

But I’m a bit confused :unamused:

Did Apple update Logic Pro 9 before Rewire was updated to 64-bit to make it work/compatible with Rewire 64-bit ? If Yes, why didn’t Steinberg prepare for this ? what’s the point of having Rewire 64-bit , yet it is not usable with Cubase 6 ?

Hopefully someone at Steinberg will give us some feedback, and promise to fix this ASAP.

Yes, but its cheating.

Prior to Reason 6 release last Friday (48 hours ago.!) nowhere on the planet did there exist an official 64bit edition of the Rewire protocol that came with it. Full stop. Nowhere. Any app you read of, (Reaper, Logic 9…etc, etc,) that ‘worked’ as a 64bit app Rewired to Reason 5, were using some proprietary wrapper (utilising the 32bit edition of Rewire). It had to. Remember - it didn’t exist in the real world, before last Friday…!

And get this - there is NO WAY Propellorhead Software would allow ANY host manufacturer to include a alpha/beta edition of their 64bit Rewire protocol, before they did…! They would sue that company for all they could… :wink:

So, as an example for Logic 9, see second para here… http://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/apple-releases-logic-pro-91-adds-64-bit-support-232254 - there is no full/proper 64bit use of Rewire or REX file support.

Now, give the SB devs a break; have a heart, a little patience and some understanding guys. It will come… :wink:

  1. The final RELEASED code for 64bit Rewire, was only let out into the world last Friday. Yes, DAW company’s may have had access to ‘pre-release’ editions for sure (for testing). But…
  2. …give it another couple of weeks so that they can do final checks with the stuff that’s ACTUALLY in the product that we buy; not the stuff they tested with prior to the official shipping code. None of us are ever going to be buying/using that. Never.

And remember too, there’s a sizeable product range SB will need to test, across two platforms and several languages. Its not all going to happen in a week; let alone 48 hours - as some here would like… :wink:

Finally, maybe they will surprise us all and release something tomorrow.! I’m just saying, set your expectations a couple of weeks from now - anything sooner is then a welcome bonus.

…I would recommend the previous posters polite retort to be read in detail…Most of this forum has been aware of the Rewire Protocols shortcomings for literally years…and NO ONE, except Propellerheads employees have had any information divulged to them concerning Rewire. If you have been a user of Reason for anything over a 6 months…and have ever visited their forum…well the word “SCHTUM” springs to mind.

Propellerheads have been really anal concerning the Rewire conundrum…NO news either side of the last couple of years has been released concerning any Rewire in a 64bit version. So I would suggest rather than blaming Steinberg, or hammering the Devs…go light and visit your local Reason forum and demand an explnantion as to why they have point blankly refused to inform the entire world if there was ever going to be a 64bit version. I would include Steinberg,Apple,Melodyne,Waves,Sony,Cakewalk etc as all parties more interested that us, on gleaning any info , WE ALL have been kept well out of this “information loop”.

Yes it is great news concerning Rewire 64 bit…Its the reason many of us are still using 32 bit Cubase .for this very “reason” (no pun intended)…But as with many things Im sure it will take time, but in the meantime it would be very nice, for ANY conformation that there will be an implementation of this to be actually INCLUDED in ANY Cubase version…of course I see that previous versions have been available, but the way that Propheadz have not played ball with any forthcoming information…I would NOT be surprised if their Rewire protocol is kept EXCLUSIVELY as a Reason only feature…and other apps like Melodyne/Ableton (when & If) /Acid,Sonar et al etc are excluded from incorporating it into their products…I would not be surprised one bit. disappointed yes, but not surprised,as it would force the hand of many of us to actually buy reason 6 to boost our sonic pallettes. :astonished:

I made a bit of a mistake and ordered both the Reason 6 upgrade and upgraded to Cubase Artist 6 a couple of days ago! I stupidly thought it was a given that Cubase was ready and waiting with the 64bit rewire…I wish I had researched more! (Ouch for my wallet!) I certainly checked everything else :////

…reeeeally hope we get a small update to fix it really soon!!

Cheers :wink:

You’ll do no damage by just installing CubArt in 32bit and rewiring from there, until news comes officially about 64bit rewire.

This is why many of the users here are still using 32bit C6…not just because the bridging problems, but the desire to use Ableton/Reason via rewire.

It would be helpful to hear from Steinberg, as to when they feel they will have Cubase 6’s Rewire 64-bit functionality up and running via an update.

Please give us some good news.


Even general acknowledgement by Steinberg of the issue with a “down the road” statement would be appreciated.
I realized that the original Rewire protocol was a collaboration of more than one company so I didn’t expect that 64 bit Rewire was going to be immediately functional, but I didn’t realize that most developers weren’t allowed to look at most of the code until final release of Reason 6.

People, calm down! :wink: Has anybody really tried it before complaining? I don’t use Reason, however, I use Bidule and I can confirm that Cubase 6.0.4 64bit (as a master) and Bidule 0.9715 64bit (as a slave) really works on W7 64bit! If I remember correctly, I had to manually place the ReWire.dll library ( from the Bidule installation package into the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Besides that, I did no other tweaks.

However, be prepared for a small annoyance when starting a rewired project: after switching on the “Plogue Bidule Device” in Cubase and then starting Bidule I always have to switch the ASIO driver in Cubase back and forth, in order to establish the connection. I don’t know which application (Cubase or Bidule) is guilty for that…

Best regards


Have we heard yet from our friends at steinberg regarding this? It would be nice to have glitch-free rewire access in 64 bit. 4 gigs is not enough!

Not sure if this answer the question, but Chris responded with this:

Hopefully it won’t take tooooo long to get Cubase 6 Rewire-64-Bit support via an update. It would be appreciated if Steinberg speeds up their development, and support for Rewire 64-bit.

Time to move forward, now that Reason 6 is 64-bit and so is Rewire.

No word from Steinberg on this yet?
Be nice if we could get an idea of if and when it will be coming, my workflow is ruined at the moment haha



with a future Cubase 6 update, Rewire 64 bit will be supported.


Youve made many people very happy with that update! :laughing: