64th note rest

I think Dorico gets confused with 64th note rests. It should show the 16th rest first, then the 64th, but I can’t seem to achieve that.
Annotation 2020-06-21 142002.png

Strange. Select the first rest, press o and 4?

Yes, I think Dorico is doing the wrong thing here. I would guess that the divisions of the beat here are sufficiently short that it is falling through to some default case that is producing a short-long division, which is incorrect in this case. We’ll take a look at this at some point. In the meantime, Marc’s advice is also what I would recommend.

Thanks guys,

Marc, that did in fact work. I tried to do it in input mode, and couldn’t work it out.

To type rests during note input, hit O to turn on Force Duration, , (comma) to turn on Rest Input then any pitch A-G or the letter Y (or any note on your MIDI keyboard).

Thganks Leo, that works too.

I can’t quite reproduce all the things that I tried and that didn’t work (I’ve never really felt on top of the difference between inputting a rest and just moving the caret, and I very rarely use force-duration), but one of them was inputting a semiquaver (with force duration) and then deleting it. This just reproduces the problem.

Anyway, I’m good now, with those tips.