7.0.2 Still Loading Slower Than 6.5?

Hi Folks,

To the other folks out there experiencing noticeably slower load/close times in Cubase 7: have you noticed any improvement in 7.0.2?

I just loaded an initial (small) test project. The load/close times are as follows:

Open project: 00:19
Close and shut down project: 00:05

Open project: 1:20
Close and shut down project: :45

I’m not seeing much of a difference from 7.0.1. I’ll test a large project, too, but based on this it looks like I can expect load time of close to 3 minutes.

Can a mod chime in and let us know if improved load/close time made it into this update, or if we can expect improvements in upcoming updates?


The same thing over here.
7.0 was fine while 7.01 and 7.02 are terribly SLOWWWWW !

I’ve not timed it with a watch but I don’t need to. C7 startup time is much slower than C6.5.


Same too load times are shocking close down times are shocking and mix down times are shocking. On top of all that I can not get it to run stable at all. 6.5 is rock solid and 7 is not

Same here, slower when went from 7.0 to 7.0.1 or 7.0.2. I was able to track a few things down as to why things are slow on my system. I did start with a clean preferences. That made closing all C7 versions faster, as well as closing the device setup and preferences much faster. I have quite a few vst connections ins/outs. And of course the more you run the slower the system loads. I run typically at least 16ins and 32 outs. The biggest cause I have was found to be the number of vstplugins present in the vstplugins folder. If I just moved half of the plugins out of the folder, the load time was at least twice as fast. 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 must be looking at the plugins folder when loading, because with 7.0 the number of plugins present did not have effect on the load time. When I say alot of plugins, I mean over a thousand, yea I’m a plugin junkie, gear junkie, pedal junkie, etc. I have a bad habit of taking advantage of the year end plugin sales and free vsts. I tried to narrow the slowdown to particular plugins, but no, it’s total number of plugins in the folder. So for me I am slimming down my plugins list to increase load times at least a little. But it sure would be nice to have it load as fast as 7.0.0 did.

A bit OT but for me even the Key Editor is opening more slowly, which I put down to overall resource requirements being higher but also due to the early development status of the program and I think over time it will be improved.

there’s no doubt it’s much slower loading.

additionally, i have blue screen errors when closing on one of my two systems and not the other which is odd. Pretty stable when open however.

Blue screens are down to driver/hardware issues not Cubase. You need to do a process of elimination on the PC to see what is causing the issue.

I am going to buck the trend here and say that C7 (all versions) loads faster than 6.5. The only thing that slows down load times is when it discovers new plugins that I have installed. The next time it loads it is back up to speed. Having said that, I am scrupulous about removing plugins that I don’t use, no 32 bit plugins, and anything I consider to be unstable in Cubase.

Any dodgy (or large) plugins I load into Vienna Ensemble Pro which seems to be far better at coping with plugins than Cubase.

Same situation here. C7 loads everything MUCH slower then C6.5.

all my 7.01 sessions crash when i try and load them under 7.02. im scared.

all my c6 and c5 session load fine. and 7.02 new sessions load fine. but anything that 7.01 touched…= crash.

the sessions that DO load from other than 7.01…load SSSS LLLL OOOO WWWW…

It is not diver related if that was the case then 6.5 would crash all the time. I have a rock solid system with 6.5 Steinberg told me it was a driver problem and blamed my audio card. Anyway I did what they wanted and updated everything that I had not already done the only update I needed was win7 update. I am still having no joy with 7.02 projects from 6.5 will not load correctly my old Nuendo 4 projects will not load correctly my UAD1 card will not work with 7.02 it runs fine in 6.5 We are all beta testers for 7 at the mo that’s how I see it. 7 is not stable at all. I have gone back to 6.5 until they sort it out. If they get the bugs sorted it’s going to be a great program as I like a lot of the new features some a very handy indeed.

Can you help SB by providing any/all of these projects for them to investigate their end.? (with or without media, do they still show the issues…?)

If not, any cut-down versions or specially built ones that show the issues…? You probably already know, you can attach the files to a Support Form via MySteinberg.

good luck…!

(I’m aiming to give the Trial version a run from this weekend)

You don’t say what version you’re running, but this from the UAD site admits they are not there yet with full C7 compatibility (UAD v6.5.x):-

And do you have any projects you could send to SB to help them diagnose those problems loading older editions/N4 etc…?

Cubase 7.0.0, 7.0.1, and 7.0.2 all seemed to load as fast as 6.5 (if not faster) on my system. I wonder what the variable is?

Unless all windows updates are installed you will have problems, specifically with eLc (required for running Cubase) which relies on the .NET framework.

I have all win 7 updates all my plugins are up to date I am running Cubase in 32bit and I have the last update they did for my UAD1 card. I have just taken 7 off gone back to 7.01 and my UAD1 is working so what is going on between versions?? It’s anyone guess. I have also noticed that 7.01 is much more stable than 7.02 I get loads of crashing in 7.02 I only get a crash when I close 7.01 I get the blue screen of death which I have never had for years.