7.0.3 loudness meter redraw exactly the same as 7.0.2

absolutely no change at all , only a small issue but still annoying

I’m unsure what the screengrab is trying to illustrate or what the problem is for that matter (i.e. specific details in the thread title/post?)

Can you outline what the nature of the problem is please (for the benefit of myself and others) as I was unaware that there was a redraw issue with the loudness meter in 7.0.2 (a little bit cryptic don’t you think?) :confused:

if you look at the photo you will see exactly what I mean and the title says exactly what it is , nothing more nothing less

where is the loudness meter ? and what does it look like ??? does it look alright to you ??

He can’t see loudness meter.

I don’t have this problem, but some users suffer from some graphic issues.

Aaahhhh… now I get what your driving at - I was confused by the gigantic 4224 x 2376 image! :wink:

Anyway… no it doesn’t look right; it looks odd, but thankfully my own copy of C7 doesn’t have this issue!

Could it be possible that its a GFX issue (hardware/drivers) that could be having problems rendering the screen (considering the rather high resolution)?

Does it still do it at a lower resolution (i.e. worth a try as if this is the cause it will reduce the load on the frame buffer)?

Other than that, you could check that you have the latest GFX drivers installed for your hardware - something to try at least!

nothing wrong with my graphics and if I choose to add a full size image then that is what i’ll do. This thread is in reference to an on going graphics issue which other users have been having as well so if you have not been having the issue could you kindly leave the thread alone .