7.0.3 Mixer still not useable... graphic problems

I’m heading back (for the third time) to C6.5.

It was going well for a while, then a couple of things started happening with the mix console.

First, the channels seem to randomly change order in the mix console. Here’s the scenario:

I have two mono audio tracks to record two identical microphones on an acoustic guitar. I create a stereo group channel track and assign the outputs of the mono tracks to that so I can use one eq and reverb send etc. I’ll often put them in a channel. On the project window, they are together in a row, the two mono tracks with the group track below them. I’ll work for a while and everything’s fine then I’ll go back to the mix console and the mono tracks will be on opposite ends of the mixer (not exactly on the opposite end). I have not used zones so it can’t be that I have selected any channels there. This happens with VST instrument channels too. This makes it impossible to work smoothly.

Second, Now some of my mix console windows are hiding the lower half of the mixer channel faders (the part that shows the db settings, track names, etc.) and no amount of tweaking and resizing of the whole window or any of it’s inner parts will reveal the hidden parts of the channel.

Is anyone else having this problem? Could this be a video driver issue? At any rate, in the middle of a session today (with client looking over my shoulder), I had to save the project and open it in 6.5 to stop the nonsense from happening.

As I have said before, I am fully ready to embrace the new concepts in design in C7 but it is IMPOSSIBLE until the thing actually works the way it is supposed to.

I’d appreciate any advice anyone has.


I am having mixer issues too grid lines keep vanishing inserts and sends etc etc SB know about the problem as one of their tech guys is having the same problem looks like we will have to wait for the next update