7.0.40 Well THAT'S disappointing!

So, I just updated to 7.0.40, as well as Eucon 3.4. Both updates went smoothly absolutely no problems. Then I started N7 and opened my “Study Template” to see the changes. Right out of the gate, It told me that “one or more of my UAD plugins had been disabled!” :open_mouth: That didn’t make ANY sense, since there’s no data for the plugs to process. Nevertheless, I closed N7 and went to see what was going on with UAD.

When I clicked on the icon, I found that ALL OF MY PLUGS WERE MISSING!! :astonished: So, I went to the software manager and told it to reinstall. But it just froze up. So I did a complete uninstall and did a fresh download from the UA site. It too went smoothly. Then I rebooted the PC and found I still had no devices (WTH?)! :angry:

Can anybody tell me what’s going on and how to get my plugins back on line?

My plugs are there and working.

Is your problem that your UA card isn’t recognized? Since you mentioned “no devices” that’s what it sounds like, and I’ve had that issue on my system. Essentially the only solution for me has been to reboot, but that always work.

If you can’t see the plugins as you try to instantiate them then I have no clue.

Btw, just to be clear; if the card isn’t recognized I’m not sure where the problem lies. On my system it seems to clearly be an issue with sleep states as it gets lost after coming back from sleep, pretty consistently. So, IRQ issues on sleep or something? Maybe a power issue when it comes back from sleep? Not sure, but definitely a hardware/OS issue and not related to Nuendo, as far as I can tell.

I don’t know why it did what it did. But I just did a system restore that took me back to 7.0.35 in N7, Ver. 3.3.2 in Eucon & 8.5 in UA and now EVERYTHING WORKS like it did before the update. I think I’ll just leave well enough alone (Whew!).


It would have been interesting to see if other audio apps still the the plugs.
It sounds more like a hiccup of the UAD software to me than a Nuendo / Eucon issue.
I am very critical of AVID, but I don’t see how a system that does not even use plugins would screw up the plugins.

Still no clue as to what happened, but I was able to update on the 2nd try without any problems this time. So, now I can find out if it was worth the aggravation (LOL).