7.0.7 late update

7.0.7 update was announced in january now it’s 4 february.
but that’s over 6 month we wait for it already !
all posts anouncing it are locked.
when i report that really steinberg was doing the minimum to fix heavy bugs in there product my post was attacked by admins and hidden admins then locked… and this one will certainly be too.
but how come we can’t complain on something that is absolutly insulting to people who paid for and are trying to work seriously with a tool that barely works ?

When dealing with human beings sometimes things can get delayed.
The plug that I use in this situation is called: ‘Patience’ ver1.0.

Works well. And it is ‘free’.
Just download it and give it a try.

Good Luck!

Yeah, right. I’m using Patience 1.0 as an insert on my inputs and my outputs, and okay, it does what it says, BUT, now I don’t get that hyper, excited feeling that I had gotten so used to. It’s just mellow, groovy vibes all the time. A gain knob on this plugin is sorely needed! Don’t I have the right to adjust how patient I am!? (I have the plugin bypassed at the moment.)

We, the old Steinberg users, have mastered all versions of ‘Patience’ up to the latest V15.5R2. Yet it doesn’t help much.

They have to ditch ‘Milking the Cow’ V38 first I am afraid…

Wait. There’s a vers. 15.5R2 of Patience? Why the hell didn’t I get the notification!?

Patience, its on its way Steve (they say…)

You were probably too patient and relaxed to tick the option “Check for updates automatically”. :wink:

Arghh! What the?! I have it bypassed!!! Can’t you tell?!! I’ll never buy another product from them again!

hmmmm maybe i just have an addiction problem -cant wait for my next fix… damn steinberg!!! you told me you will deliver in jan.
my blood pressure is rising with all this wait grrrrrrrr where can i download latest version of patience???

It is windows Only :slight_smile:

nothing to do with patience. i’m not waiting for new features to have some fun or whatever.
it’s my job, i’m trying to work for months with a tool that doesn’t work properly. and yeah i’m fed up with this.

Good morning America!!
This just in:
A chicago-based musician is facing possible nervous break-down after a “V1 Patience By-pass” surgery. Doctors claim his rare condition might have been caused by NOT tapering off his medication while he definitely needed a higher doze. They also asserted that they had no idea the patient had attempted a self-induced by-pass before the operation, simply because there is no blood test indicating the amount of “Patience” in the patient, while they were “under the impression (as earlier indicated by the patient himself) that he was still using the originally prescribed doze” and that “they felt sorry for him”. A source who chose to remain anonymous (Curteye, who allegedly prescribed the medicine initially) says the patient never revisited him to control his doze of “Patience”. He further disclaimed any responsibility. More on this, later on the news…

On a related development, eye-witnesses say an angry-looking drugstore customer has attempted to increase his doze of “Patience” on his own discretion. Police took him to the hospital after smashing the windows of the “patience-related” drugs located in the rear section of the store. Witnesses say he was also using articulately “bad words” against one “Steinberg” company, based in Germany, Utah. The ER doctor claims he is suffering from high blood pressure probably caused by the “wrong” doze of “Patience”. Unconfirmed reports say this particular patient was not “patient” enough to receive a “timely” update from the aforementioned company. Investigations are underway to determine the relevance, while our reporters are trying to learn Japanese as fast as they can to contact Steinberg. The relationship between the drug “patience” and blood pressure is taken over by FBI and may result in the questioning of the American Foods and Drugs Administration, Association, Organization, whatever…

And now with the weather is our one and only…

:laughing: :laughing:

That’s it, I’m switching to Xanax Pro 1.5, but I’ll combine it with Patience 16.0 when it comes out. See ya on the flip flop!

To respond on topic, sgodzillat– I hear you, and understand it’s frustrating but I know that different people have different tolerances for this sort of thing. Those who have a low tolerance for bugs (I have a high tolerance, apparently) wait a while before updating, and certainly, they go back to the older solid version to get work done rather than bashing their head agains the wall.

And the issues reported are?

It stands to reason a 7.0.7 update will follow the announced 7.5.10 update, but I haven’t heard as such from Steinberg yet.

Actually this would be the best way to go unless the update (7.5.10) is already ready and is in the process of being compiled.

There is plenty of complaining & praise here:http://www.gearslutz.com/board/cubase-7-nuendo-6/ with little worries of being banned with no warnings, vanishing or locked threads.


Aha! My Steiny-sense was tingling, and it never lets me down.